relaxing with guitar and city danny kent 300x199 BioDanny was raised in the small town of Vero Beach, Florida. Always the entertainer, Danny fell in love with music and theater at a young age. He spent most of his teens on stage and in rehearsals. In his off time he practiced writing and playing his guitar. After high school, he pursued an education in audio engineering to better familiarize himself with the music industry. At the same time he gathered a following at open mics and karaoke nights. It wasn’t long till he was playing local clubs with his band Saint Cecilia’s Tears for which he co-found and co-wrote. In early 2007, with his insatiable appetite to perform. He branched out on his own in an effort to perform more frequently. He’s put together a steady stream of gigs and is regarded by his peers as one of the best local songwriters. Whether he’s performing fan favorites like “Miss Her,” “Delicate Facade,” “What You’re Made Of,” Horizon Unknown,” and “Shipwreck in a Bottle,” or jamming out acoustic rock covers by his influences, Danny never has and never will put on anything but his best performance.

“Here’s hoping to see you at the next sing-along.”

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